Atlanta Dogwood Festival Volunteer Groups

The Atlanta Dogwood Festival is partnering with nonprofit organizations to enable them to raise funds for their organization.

Atlanta Dogwood Festival will be requesting donations or charging a $5.00 entrance (to be determined) at our entrances during the event, April 14-16, 2023.

We have been asked by various groups about being involved with the festival in a way that will allow them to support the festival and raise funds for their organization. We will be selecting groups to staff our entrance gates, while earning 20% of how much is collected at their entrance during their shift.

We invite your group to get involved! In addition to earning money, staffing a gate is a great team building activity and will bring your group closer together! There will be limited slots and will be in high and immediate demand, so there is no guarantee your group will be selected.

The amount of money raised depends on your organization’s level of commitment. By bringing in more volunteers and volunteering for more time slots, your group will increase the amount of money it earns.