2021 Artist Application & Guidelines

Artist Participation:

Artists accepted for participation MUST be in attendance during the entire festival. Only one artist may display in a booth unless the work produced is a collaboration of two artists. Both artists must sign application and be present during entire festival. No agents, dealers, or representatives may attend in place of the artist(s). Work by apprentices or employees is unacceptable. All participating artists will be required to show a Photo ID upon check-in.


Our show is designed for artists who create and execute original, professional quality work. All work displayed MUST be produced by the exhibiting artist or two person team collaboration and MUST be consistent with the images submitted. Artist may only exhibit art in the category in which they were accepted. Special Note: Jewelry may be exhibited only if accepted under the jewelry category.


Two dimensional, wall hung artwork using the combination of two or more distinct media in a collage-type manner.This category is not to be used if artwork consists of only one medium even if uniquely framed.


Original work of three dimensions which incorporates the union of three or more media or physical materials. Use this category ONLY if work cannot be classified under another category.


Original sculptural, decorative, or functional work in which the primary material used is clay. No machine made or mass produced items. All artwork must be signed by the artist.


Original works made with pen, pencil, color pencil, charcoal or traditional printmaking techniques, including etching, engraving, lithography, serigraphy, or woodcuts. Combination techniques / collages are also included. Original prints must be signed and numbered. Reproduction policies are outlined under “STANDARDS”.


Original work created from fibers or leather. Includes basketry, handmade paper, weavings, and other artistic, fabric-based work. All work must be designed and sewn by the artist. No commercial, mass produced items permitted.


Original sculptural or decorative work created in glass. No molds or other forms of mass production permitted. All work must be signed by the artist.


Original jewelry made from precious and non-precious metals, gemstones, enamel, glass, fiber, clay or other materials. No buy/sell, kit or costume jewelry, or mass produced items. Jewelry may be exhibited ONLY if accepted under the jewelry category.


Original sculptural or decorative items created in metal. May be painted or unpainted. No commercial or volume production items. All work must be signed by the artist.


Original work created using oil / acrylic or similar materials on canvas, paper, or board. Combination techniques / collages of these materials are also included. Reproduction policies are outlined under “STANDARDS”.


Original work created using watercolor / pastel or similar materials on canvas, paper, or board. Combination techniques / collages of these materials are also included. Reproduction policies are outlined under “STANDARDS”.


Original artwork created by the artist / photographer utilizing an SLR or Digital camera, or computer-generated image, and printed with either traditional darkroom, ink-jet, or laser printing technologies. No commercial photography. Original prints must be signed and numbered. Only one framed piece of each image may be hung on the walls of the booth. Reproduction policies are outlined under “STANDARDS”.


Original sculptural or decorative work made primarily from wood. Includes hand tooled, carved or machine worked items, with either natural or painted finish. No commercial or volume production items

Jury Process:

Exhibitors are selected on the basis of design, quality and presentation as determined by an independent jury of art professionals with knowledge and experience in multiple art disciplines. Artists are juried by category and each artist is then assigned a score. Those with the highest scores per category will be invited to participate. A limited number of artists per category will be accepted to provide a balanced show. In addition, a score-based wait list will be maintained in each category with cancellations filled from that list. The jury process is done anonymously and the decision of the jury is final.

The total number of booths available is 260. The previous year’s award winners are jury exempt; however, all winners must complete an application, submit all images and pay all fees by the required deadline.

Digital Image Requirements:

3 digital images of your artwork and 1 digital image of your booth must be submitted with your application. Digital images must be current and show artwork completed within the past two years.

Digital image quality is essential and can make a difference in your acceptance. The jury has only your digital images with which to judge your work. The best image is one that is full framed with the artist’s single work, is well lit and is representative of the body of work intended for exhibition. Your booth image should show your booth as it is set up for exhibition at an outdoor show, but without the artist’s name, banners, title of artwork or people visible in the image or thumbnail, so as to remain anonymous to jurors. It should contain all work to be exhibited since it stands as a visual contract between you and the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. Failure to follow the digital image requirements will result in disqualification.


The ADF will present $6,000 in awards to the artists judged “Best in Category.” Last year’s award winners will automatically be invited to participate in the following year’s festival; however, all winners must complete an application, submit all images and pay all fees by the required deadline. The panel of judges will include industry professionals and art educators.

Display Size:

Artists are expected to provide their own 10 X 10 canopied, white tent. There may be some room for storage behind the tents or on the sides depending upon your assigned booth location. ADF will attempt to accommodate specific booth requests; however, no booth space request will be guaranteed. Upon acceptance, a limited number of corner and electrical spaces will be available. Artists will have the opportunity to request and purchase corner and electrical spaces upon notification of acceptance. No double booth spaces will be available.

Set Up:

Wednesday, August 4, 2020: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Thursday, August 5, 2020: 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

  • Driving on the grass or mulched areas off the paved roadway surface is strictly prohibited.
  • No staking of tents, canopies or panels – come prepared with the appropriate weights. All supplies must be stored on hardscape or mulch. Not on grass.
  • No campers or RVs per City of Atlanta, Dept. Of Parks Ordinance, Section 110-57.
  • No sleeping overnight.
  • No rollerblades, scooters or bicycles during event.
  • No pets per City of Atlanta, Dept. Of Parks Ordinance, Section 110-70 under Article III of Chapter 110 (d) and (e).
  • Artist is responsible for any damage occurring as a result of not adhering to city ordinances and / or park regulations.

Failure to follow park restrictions and city ordinances will result in disqualification.

Artist Services:

  • Overnight park security.
  • Vehicle loading and unloading at booth space.
  • Hospitality tent with coffee and refreshments provided daily.
  • Discount rates on participating hotels.
  • Parking information will be forthcoming in artist acceptance packet and/or check-in packet.

State Sales Tax:

All artists are responsible for collecting the 8.9% sales tax for the State of Georgia and Fulton County. A tax form will be provided in your check-in packet.


Notifications will be emailed to artists by April, 2021. No notifications will be issued by phone, fax or US mail.


Cancellations for full booth, corner and electrical refunds will be accepted if cancellation notification is received via email to by June 30, 2021.


  • Administrative Processing Fee (non-refundable) – $35.00
  • Standard Booth Fee – $475.00   Limited Number of Double Booths Available – $850.00
  • Corner Booth Fee – $225.00 – (if applicable) purchase in addition to your standard booth fee upon notification of acceptance. There are limited corner spaces available and they cannot be guaranteed.
  • Electricity Fee – $125.00 – (if applicable) purchase in addition to your standard booth fee upon notification of acceptance. There are a limited number of spaces where electricity can be provided.

The ADF will only accept credit card payments through Zapp. Failure to follow directions will result in DISQUALIFICATION.


Please check back for updated information.

The Atlanta Dogwood Festival reserves the right to refuse any application. 

2019 Artist Booth Map

2019 Artists Map



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