The Atlanta Dogwood Festival hosts approximately 200,000 devoted attendees each year, many of whom have attended with their families for generations. Our festival offers strong promotional, sampling, and branding opportunities delivered in a one-of-a-kind setting to an affluent regional demographic. In addition to the overall festival experience, we offer unique festival assets like our Disc Dog Competition, Atlanta High School Art Exhibition, and International Village that can be included in a customized partnership designed to meet your specific objectives. Contact us today for a full prospectus and to discover how the Atlanta Dogwood Festival can deliver a strong return on your investment.

For Sponsorship information contact:

Rick Kern, Mixit Marketing
Email: rick@mixitmarketing.com

2020 Sponsors

Coca-ColaCorona LightVisit Tallahassee

Unclaimed BaggageCupcake Vineyards

Atlanta UnitedAltos TequilaTip Top Proper CocktailsWild Leap Handcrafted Vodka

Atlanta Allergy & AsthmaBob's Red Mill
La CremaCamp GladiatorFarmers Insurance The Hathaway AgencyFloor & DecorLarabarPower CrunchPower Home RemodelingSave A TressSeal SmartState FarmTaylor ConstructionFulton County Arts & Culture

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